Bradley has been sharply critical of the Bush administration for passing a Medicare bill that helps the drug companies more than it helps seniors. He will fight to get the federal government to pay more attention to the needs of New York State:
Bradley is in favor of protecting seniors from fee increases in the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Program (EPIC).
He supported legislation that would establish fines between $500 and $5,000- depending on the severity of the violation- for defying the Managed Care Bill of Rights (A.8604).
Assemblyman Bradley also supported legislation that creates the Managed Care Consumer Assistance Program (A.4454-A). The MCCAP would provide comprehensive information about people's managed care choices, rights and responsibilities.
The Assembly passed a phased-in takeover of the local share of the Family Health Plus program. Effective January 1, 2005, the state will assume 50 percent of the local share of Family Health Plus expenditures and on January 1, 2006, the state will assume 100 percent of the local program costs.
Bradley fought to restore $40 million in cuts to Westchester's hospitals and rejected a new "sick tax" on hospitals and other health care providers. He is also fighting to save the Westchester County Medical Center, which is in danger unless it gets help from the federal government.

Bradley has fought hard to reform state government. He's pushed to open up the budget process and reform the state's system for campaign finance and lobbying. Bradley has also been critical of the Bush administration for sending homeland security money out to places like Montana and Wyoming.

Assemblyman Bradley knows that protecting White Plains families is a high priority:
Bradley sponsored a bill designed to assure compliance with New York's Sex Offender Registration Act by providing additional information to relevant officials and to persons who are subject to the registration provisions of the Act (A.11599).
Assemblyman Bradley also sponsored a bill that prohibits the issuance of an order of recognizance or bail pending the determination of an appeal where the defendant received a felony sentence, other than a class D or E felony, for committing a sexual offense under Article 130 of the Penal Code (A.1371).
He sponsored legislation that authorizes security personnel and employees of nuclear electric generating facilities to use physical or deadly physical force to prevent burglary, criminal trespass or arson (A.7201).
Bradley supports tougher gun laws to help get more guns off the streets and protect our families:

Bradley has introduced bills that restore funding for schools and improve the quality of education:
Every year Adam Bradley fights to restore the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).
Last year he restored $4.4 million to Westchester Community College.
Since taking office, he has secured over $74.8 million in aid for schools while at the same time protecting the STAR tax relief program that assists eligible property-taxpayers.

Adam Bradley is a strong advocate of preserving Westchester's environment. He has pushed to hold polluters responsible for the damage they cause, improve air pollution standards, enforce smart growth guidelines, and create open space in our communities:
He has supported $5 million for open space.
He sponsored a bill that allows a person to institute an action for a violation of the provisions of the environmental quality review even if the injury does not affect the public at large (A.8673).
He sponsored a bill that requires the Public Service Commission, in consultation with Office of Public Security, to perform a security and decommissioning study on the Indian Point Nuclear Power Generating Facility (A.11828).

Assemblyman Bradley made the right choice for White Plains families in last year's budget battle. The bipartisan budget that he and Senator Vincent Leibell supported prevented the largest property tax increase in state history. He understands that education funding is needed to keep property taxes down. Bradley is opposed to suggestions that STAR should be sacrificed to pay for the court ordered changes to the state's school funding system. Since taking office, he has secured $74.8 million in aid for schools while at the same time protecting the STAR tax relief program that assists eligible property-taxpayers.