Bradley receives an environmental grade of 96 for his first term

The Environmental Advocates of New York have released a report card for New York Assemblymembers and Adam Bradley is at the top of the class with a grade of 96. Bradley's grade is among the top in the state.

Assemblyman Adam Bradley has also earned the endorsement of two leading environmental organizations the New York League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club in his bid for re-election to the 89th Assembly District.

I'm honored to have earned these endorsements, they affirm my strong record on environmental issues, Bradley said. Environmental protection and open space preservation have always been a top priority of mine and I intend to continue to make sure that we protect our environment.

Assemblyman Bradley has a strong record of standing up for the environment including sponsoring a bill that gives municipalities a direct role in reviewing proposed private developments in other communities where development would have a substantial effect on the water or air quality in their locality (A.8672). A specific example is Mt. Kisco, where residents are fighting for a voice to protect the source of their drinking water, Byram Lake Reservoir, which is located entirely within the borders of neighboring communities. Another bill authored by Bradley, (A.8673) provides for citizen suits to protect the environment from harmful effects.

Assemblyman Bradley also supported environmental bills, which have passed the Assembly, to:
Direct the DEC to implement air pollution standards for power plants regarding nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and mercury (A.5933)
Allow public access to information about the operation of the six nuclear power plants in New York to help ensure they are run efficiently and effectively (A.6424)
Establish a comprehensive statewide asthma management program to help educate the public about asthma and better understand its causes (A.2695)

"One of the greatest things we can leave our children is a cleaner, safer environment," Bradley said. "By working together we can continue to preserve and protect our forests, wetlands, open spaces, and shorelines."