Bradley Statement on MTA Fare Increase

Once again, Westchester commuters are under assault by the MTA and are being asked to pay more for less. Even the Journal News stated that bulk-ticket buyers and suburban commuters would be forced to bear an even greater burden to the tune of over $420 dollars more a year under this newest fare hike. This hike, coupled with $91 million in service cuts, is unwise and unacceptable, especially when a state Comptroller's report showed the MTA kept two sets of books to hide their financial practices.
Legislation I sponsored would shine a much needed light on the MTA by creating an oversight board and establishing an independent budget office for the MTA. It would also require more public hearings prior to major service changes and mandate a biennial report on the potential for a future rate increase. What is obvious to every commuter, but ignored by the MTA, is the fact that accountability and openness is currently absent from the way the MTA does business. This must change. I will continue working to make sure the voices of Westchester commuters are heard.