Flu-shot suppliers exploiting shortage
Bradley calls for investigation to protect children, elderly

State Assemblyman Adam Bradley today called for an investigation into the price gouging on limited flu vaccines.

"It's outrageous for some companies to try to turn a quick buck off of young children and seniors who really need their flu shots," Bradley said. "We must act quickly to get to the bottom of this through an investigation by the Attorney General. And we must develop a plan to protect our most vulnerable and make sure that companies don't cash in on the flu-shot shortage."

According to the Journal News, Westchester County received only 4,000 of the roughly 8,000 vaccines it ordered and has already given out 1,000. For more information, please contact the Westchester County Department of Health Flu-Info Line at 813-5609.

"I've heard stories about vaccine suppliers hiking prices for hospitals and pharmacies by as much as 10 times its original value," Bradley said. "It's as if they've forgotten that for some, this vaccine can be the difference between life and death."

With news of limited flu vaccine supplies spreading, hospitals and clinics are seeing more people showing up for shots. However, hospitals and physicians continue to remind us that the young, elderly and ill should be given first priority when it comes to being vaccinated.

"First, we must do all we can to get the vaccine to those who need it most and an investigation is a good place to start," said Bradley. "I'll continue to fight for legal and legislative means to prevent providers of the flu vaccine from making an already bad situation worse."